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Hye, currently I'm looking for this item, Tie Dye Kit from Jacquard. This is for our project soon. For now, I still get stuck again search for the best in Malaysia. This product is only available in New York, Georgia, Indiana, Washington and some other place. I just know, Malaysia is still lacking in artistic products such as this. Sorry, but this is the fact that I have to accept, unless there's one can help me give the address where the best art store that is selling this product. I'm really craving for this. Because it is difficult to get quality results, such using a product like this. I will show you if I'm given the opportunity to use the product sooner. Please!


Comments about Jacquard Tie Dye Kit from dickblick :
Used these dyes to dye 10 children's sized T-shirts and one adult large T in an art camp environment. The results were absolutely beautiful. All the T's washed out with brilliant colors...and even after the intitial washing in the washing machine with detergent, they maintained their color. Very pleased. There is an accompanying DVD that we previewed and then had each group of children watch before they began their project.The DVD gave detailed instructions on how-to tie each design, and suggestions on how to apply the dye, as well as showed how each design would look afterward. I would recommend this product and I would purchase it again.
I'm an art docent for a group of teenage boys, and we do "tie-dye" every spring. This is the BEST kit I've run across! The price was almost to good to believe, the results were amazing! I would (and have) recommend this product to anyone interested in a professional looking outcome for a reasonable price. The included DVD was a "bonus", and we all got great ideas from it!! Thanks, DB!
I bought this kit for a weekend "sleepover" with my mom and 5 year old Grandaughter. We were all tye die "rookies" and a little aprehensive about how our shirts would turn out. After watching the video we followed the easy instructions to the letter. Our shirts turned out fantastic! My 80 year old mom is ready to make shirts for all the great-grandkids for Christmas. We had a great time and got wonderful results all for the price of a movie. What a "cool" way to hang out!

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