We only part to meet again.

Hey guys! It had been so long, i've not updated my blog. Just because, i'm busy with my final exam. And now it was officially over yesterday morning. Pheeew! I'm home yaalls, and not to forget happy holidays everyone. I've planned something to do within my 6 months holidays. Hope that it can be done completely. (I will tell you guys soon!) Yeaaah, i will be in the holiday mood for about 6 months before i further my study somewhere in Shah Alam, god willing. That was sooo long holiday right? For the time being, i just want to chill + relax = chillax. Too sad, my laptop got problem maa with its power supply. I'm hoping that everything will be ok next week, everything were in that lappy. I can't live without it. 

I hope, it is still not too late to wish sorry to all my friends in Kedah for all my mistakes. Thanks for being part of my life. Hope to see you guys in Shah Alam. Remember, we only part to meet again. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. Love u!

Below are the Dolce Boys photos that i taken from Garbagelapsap.com . They are totally awesome with the sense of simple fashion but still classy. Sorry guys, if these picture is no related at all to the post title, but this is how i try to loosing up my life with those pressure. Cultivating inspiration.

Denim jeans with koyak-koyak punya kesan tuh sangat lawa! Ramones tee, not bad.

The difference between style and fashion is quality. Model is everywhere looks like model.

Cool! Glasses that I wish I could have one sooner. He love to make fun with fashion.

Fashion in the most part is nothing, but when it comes to an obsolete fashion, waaaalllah!

"I have fun with my clothes onstage; it’s not a concert you’re seeing, it’s a fashion show".

There is never a new fashion, its old. The hair look tremendously edgy.
 Thank you. Hope to meet again for the next post. We only part to meet again.


  1. berkait rapat sangat gambar with the post . i loikeeee !

  2. thanks shaz< i memang suka macam tuh..hahaha:)

  3. sumpah aku suka yang rambut style edgy kat bawah sekali tuh...
    cmner nak buat eh?...
    selamat bercuti!

  4. thats why kan haziq. tambah kalau rambut blonde. tataw la cmne nak buat, tapi boleh pergi saloon cakap nak rambut style edgy. thanks!

  5. kalau hensem pakai shirt dgn jean rabak poooon smart. kalau mat indon pakai? Hahaha :)

  6. yes, sebab tuh kene tgk muka jugak..orang yang hodoh nih jenuh nak kene pikir..pakai apa bagi nampak lawa...last-last kecewa jugak, tak lawa..