Brown is Vintage

Hey yallls! This post dedicated to those who are out there, who are looking for vintage style. What is your definition of vintage? What color scheme is suitable for vintage styling? Should excessively styling with vintage clothing? The answer will certainly vary. Vary according to the views. I do not have the expertise to determine the best answer.

However, after recognizing the style of this vintage, I feel that the matters often associated with vintage style is  the color scheme. Apart from the non-vibrant color, slightly faded, floral pattern, color scheme to match with vintage style is always need to be addressed. 

Based on my observations, brown is the color that best represents you when you are wearing clothes or accessories with the sense of vintage. Just take a look on peoples out there who are interested in vintage-style dress up, they would be thrilled to see any items in brown that sold in bazaar, fashion boutiques and also in the bundle shop. I don't know why. As for me and them, this brown item represents the actual value of vintage itself. Yes! I can give you the example how a brownish item can perfectly change the look to a vintage look. Vintage and classy. This is the girl, I guessed that all of you know her. Maybe this Malaysian lady, Mas Angelina likes brown. She looks so classy in her own style. Not only her, you can find any other vintage blogger who likes to play with brown color to symbolize the vintage spirit in their daily fashion. 

She looks so comfortably styling the brownish vintage. Anyway, you can check any other bloggers who love to play with vintage stuff in my blogger links, as I am also vintage lovers. That's all, stay tuned. Buybyeh!

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