My Sanctuary

Next semester will be my first semester as a student living in my own room outside the campus.
Can't wait to see how it progress.
Own room in Shah Alam, InsyaAllah for the next five semesters.
I have been rented a house located in Section 2, Shah Alam.
Alhamdulillah after struggling and having some 'drammatical error', I managed to find a house.
The house is super amazing with a super friendly landlord.
We will be neighbor to our own friends too. Yahhhooo!
So, I will stay definitely with my two hotties Hamdan and Hafiz.
We will be together with another 3 tenants, so total up to 6 persons in my house.
Currently, am excited in waiting for another three potential tenants.

The house provides with 2 bedrooms, a large bathroom, a large area of dining room, a comfy living room and a sweet escape to a balcony. 
I decided to share my room with Hafiz in a bedroom, while Hamdan will be acting like our maid, staying at the living room.

I put trust in myself, to have my own room which enough said, comes with a Style and yet Conducive.
That's why, I need to have rough plan starting from now.
Visualization plus creativeness is something important at the moment.

What should I put on my desk?

What should I decorate the walls?
From : Deviantart

What kind of bed should I sleep on it?
From : Ana Abu

From : Stellar

From : Deviantart

These could be nice!
 From : Ana Abu

 From : Nej Jalidar

 This one is so not suits me, but really like the 'lighting mode'.
From : Shea Rasol

Now, I can't wait to see what is actually the decor in the room of my favorite icon, Yunalis Zarai.

"Dreams are necessary to life"

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  1. cute nya. share yee. jgn marah. i put credit on you ;)