The True Lens

Hello people!
Now I am back at the blog after 5 month did not have any feelings for updating and even worst not to mention here for visiting my own blog. 
One of the reasons, I have lost the spirit.
Sometimes, what I do, needs me to find back with a great struggles, the meaning of enthusiasm in my life

As usual, many things happened and no doubt it will happen again as we continue our life.
Every single thing gives impressed upon me.
I appreciated it as all of that is my sifu for me to keep continue my life.

Now, I'm on holiday.
I've made the decision to not be bound by any agencies which looking for workers.
I want to work for my own since I have so many things to do in my head right now. 
Will post about that soon.

Currently I'm making my own wishlist.
Inspired by Nuraina the owner of this 'modest' blog.
Aina, if you read this, you should know that, I wish that I could meet you in the real world.
We were very close though. Literally.

Correction need to be made.
This is not my current wishlist. I'm not making any list as this is the only one wish that I really want it filled.
As mentioned before, I have a lot of memories to be shared and stored, unfortunately I cannot make it.
I don't take a photograph, I make it.

So, I'm excited to wish for either one of these, as my true lens of our hearts and minds.



“ Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow".
Imogen Cunningham

For those who has gives your sincerely opinions and views, thank you darling. 
These are the third highest in my chart. 
Praying for a reasonable price and not to the cancellation of my very first wish.


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