Urbanscapes 2011

My friend and my business partner for The Merci Store , Shaz and Jezmine Zaiddan at her booth. 

Tongue In Chic cute balloon at their territory.

My RM5 breakfast menu. Worth it?

Friend of my friend and also our loyal customer, Wawa.

You guys should know them better, a group of vintage people, from left Rot , Ana Abu , Nab , Shatirah from Thr5t

With our lovely customer, Aishah Azman Shah and her boyfie.

Cool alphabet from Miraclewatts . I manage to find M , E , R , C , I for my shop but unfortunately I forgot to grab it.

With Mas Angelina from Arared and The Wardrobe.

I love to see and snap the tie dye stuff. Inspiration. Good job boy!

How I love your customer care service. That's how we support to each other.  Vintagebiribiri owner.

I did not manage to get up into this and even seeing it flies in the air. Blame to the time.
The picture at the centre reminds me a lot to one of my friend, Hamdan.

Can you spot, who's the women in that black outfit? Yeah, she is the real Hana Tajima from StyleCovered and Maysaa.

We got the same taste in wearing and styling with the motives. Ami Schaheera from Shop Sputniksweetheart.

Impressed with how they cater to the customer's satisfaction. That Last Slice.

We manage to make a good jokes here, choosing the good ones for the upcoming lecture class. Nice craft from Notbook Notbuk.

Call Me Datin , Bitch In Training , I'm a Fashion Slave , Superchick are those who captured my attention the most even a while. Good effort from I Heart Bagdes.

After the end of all, what I could tell it was a good experience as this is my first time participating in this eventI met many friends, new and old, and most importantly I can spend good times with my good and best friend, Shazlida Shafee. Hoping that the next season, it will be our chance for being a vendor at this annually waited event. Thanks to all who passed by and say hi, snapping picture of me and my friend, and also snapping picture with me. Not to forget the vendors who were kind enough for offering their items to me with the lowest price. You guys rock my day there and 6 months holiday too. Bye.


  1. ohai naz :D
    yay ada gambar :D
    rot nampak kangkang disitu . malunya :/ hahahah

    terima kasih ! selamat berjumpa dan datang lagi ke gerai kami :D

  2. hai rot!
    mesti ade lah, kamu kan famous..hehehe
    kamu sorang je yang nampak, org lain tak nampak..shshshshhhh..

    sama-sama, jangan malu-malu lagi lepas nih..sure, sy datang!