I want to see through this.

Hye! Lately I dreamed a lot. Sometimes dreams things that I just see before I sleep. But the story is really different from what I've seen before. There is also one told me about her dream. I don't even know what is meant by her dream. Is that really true that dreams is just a toy to bed. Maybe. But, I love to dream. As I can see things from many different way and perspective. Feels free to share your dream with me too.

Before this, I wore glasses. Yeah, it was two years ago. I started to take off glasses since I felt it is quite difficult and I can live without using any aids to seeI have tried to wear contact lens, but it is more difficult than wearing glasses. The only fun fact when wearing contact lens, the colour of the eye will change and it has directly change the way we look at things. But,  I had only wore one type of contact lens which is typical. Grey colour. Alas, I found that what's the point I am struggling to put a fake. No glasses no contact lens. Eyes with defected vision was left alone.

As you all know, I love to see things that have its own attention point. I don't know why, but currently I'm eager to have this one thing, that I'm gonna use it as a thing that I can see through it. The sad fact is that often when there is something I am interested with, it is difficult to be found anywhere. I have been looking for among blogshops and bazaars, and I still could not find it. Yes! I like looking at places like this, because first, I did not buy expensive and branded unless necessary, and second, often bazaars and online blogshops are the medium which will sell unique, strange and difficult to get with a reasonable price. Most of my items are from them. Lately.

Everyone, just look how their glasses portraying their eyes. Kinda completing their effortless style. So, anyone whom interested to share with me, the place where I can found this kind of spectacles, you should tell me. Reasonable price, as I'm afraid that the moment two years back happened again. I am ridiculously get bored easily. You know what I mean? LOL!  

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